I am running towards the hope every single day
Keep chasing
Woke up in the morning
The first thing i do was hoping for the good news from you finally reach me
I aint a very lucky person
I always couldnt get what I've been longing for
Tho with the hardwork and effort paid, the result is not what i really expected
But it never turns out too bad
Still, I always manage to achieve something good
But why, 
Why cant just im lucky for once & get a chance for what i want?
Could i just be better if I obey in accordance with what have been arranged?
Or is it just i dont understand myself enough that You think u might do the best choice for me

Despite all the trial i taken
I still receive no news on the thing I want
All I want is just to go really deep into something I'm passionate in  
But how could I not given a chance to do so?
Stay positive, this is what they told me
& the only thing i can do
Chance and luck
Where are you?
Do you really just passedby & I dint see you?
Or you're trying to challenge for my patience

Can I have a talk with You?


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